What Does “Trust the Process” Mean, And How Can We Embrace Life’s Journey?

Written by Peter Keszegh

Sometimes life is like a hustle and bustle, the noisy crowd in which it is easy to start feeling lost by the ups and downs hurling at us. When you start to feel overwhelmed by the several questions running through your mind, that moment is when the term' trust the process' comes into play.

This gives you the necessary pause that your life needs and allows you to embrace life's journey calmly. If you've wondered what the phrase' trust the process' means, you have come to the perfect article. 

In this article, we will break down the meaning of 'trusting the process' so you can also learn to live freely.

What does the phrase trust the process mean?

Trusting the process means giving yourself enough space to have faith in the universe. This can be done by simply trusting life's journey and letting it unfold its course for you. 

What does the phrase trust the process mean

Often, we should leave the questions in our mind, get rid of complicated feelings, and instead of overthinking the different angles and aspects of a problem, learn to take a deep, calm breath and remember that this is just our first time living this life.

It is essential to remind yourself that challenges and hurdles are a part of life's journey, and rather than running from them, we should learn to leap over them. This leap can be taken by trusting the process and believing everything will be okay.

Trusting the process is like following your tour guide unthinkingly without knowing anything about the directions you might take while reaching your destination. It is all about believing in the beauty of the journey and accepting the complex parts of life like a piece of puzzle that you can experiment with. After all, there is no light without darkness.

When to trust the process? 

If you are wondering when this condition of trusting the process applies, we can give you some examples to help you understand the scenario better. 

Applying for future colleges and career paths

This is one of the top concerns that our youth faces. If you have tried everything in your hands and given it your best shot in the career path you aimed for, it is now time to leave it to the universe and trust the process. 

You know that you have given your best. Instead of stressing continuously over this issue, remember that you can not control everything, and if it is good for you, it will surely be granted to you. You got to this point! 

Pursuing a relationship

In adulthood, we encounter various people who stay in our lives or move on to their destination. This is the course of life, and keeping this in mind helps us deal better with relationships.

If you are sure about your feelings, responsibilities, and commitments, do not fret longer; trust the process and proceed with your decision.

Remember that there is good and bad in every decision that you make. You will learn the good and the bad inevitably, so why stress beforehand?

How do you trust the process?

Now that you have understood what trusting the process means and understood some examples of situations where trusting the process would apply, let us help you go through some tips that you can follow to easily trust the process and allow yourself to embrace this life journey. 

Accept life is a challenge

The first part of making anything easier is accepting and processing the truth. You should learn to accept that, yes, life is indeed a challenge. Life is not always a bed of roses for everyone, and accepting this is the first step if you want to trust the process. 

How do you trust the process

Understand that life is full of what-ifs and sudden, unexpected changes that you can not control. When you trust the process, you come to terms with the fact that, eventually, things will fall into place. 

One way to accept life as a challenge is to view a challenge as a growth opportunity that will push us outside our comfort zone, and we can find hidden talents that we never knew existed within us. 

Remember that the harder the process, the riper the fruits, meaning that once you reach the top of the mountain, you will be proud of these difficulties. 

Learn to rely on yourself

While many mentors and elders are present to guide us from their experiences and mistakes, it is essential to learn to rely on yourself and never undervalue your thoughts and feelings about a situation. To live life to the fullest, it is important to take risks sometimes, so you should be confident enough to be self-reliant. When you take risks somewhere, you are learning to trust the process. 

Self-reliance does not mean doing crazy things without a plan. Instead, you should have a strong idea about your goals and how you would break them down. You might have your idea as a blur or a full, detailed plan; however, there must always be a backbone to your decisions, even if it is weak.

You should have a clear idea of your goals, as that clarity helps you trust the process. Once you have an idea of your goals, you can write them down to ensure they are realistic, achievable, and easy to follow. 

Once you have your goals listed, you can further break them down into more straightforward steps so that they seem like completing mini tasks each day. When you plan your goals this way, you feel at ease with your productivity, allowing you to trust the process eventually. 

Embrace life as a journey

It is very important to stay focused on the journey instead of the end goal. This helps you stay realistic and on the path that suits you best. If you focus only on the end goal, you might overwork yourself or set yourself up for disappointment when things go the wrong way. This is why you should remind yourself that the end goal is a motivator. 

Embrace life as a journey

However, real fun and satisfaction come from facing failures and growing from them. Remember that life is not an easy, straight line; it is a rollercoaster ride! No matter how much you squirm or scream, the ride will continue, so it is better to trust the process and let yourself enjoy the ride as, ultimately, it will come to a stop. 

Learn from your failures

This is an essential tip that helps you to trust the process. Failures are natural, and no one in this world has succeeded instantly. You might fail countless times, but remember to stay committed to your goals and passion.

When you feel hopeless, remember the purpose of your goals and empower yourself by rewarding any progress, even if it is small. As long as you progress daily, it will help you trust the process and know that everything will be for the best. 

Self reflect

When working towards a goal, you must remember to pause and take a step back to self-reflect on your choices and decisions and whether they are helping you progress towards your goal. You can analyze and assess your mistakes, failures, and strengths. 

Self-reflection helps you regain purpose and insight into areas for improvement. When you balance all these things, you feel content on the inside, and it automatically helps you trust the process since you are constantly checking in. Also, remember to look back to understand the reason behind a decision you might have made. 

This helps you to gain wisdom and a deeper understanding of why you should trust the process. Sometimes, things do not make sense for a very long time; however, when you look back in hindsight, you start to notice the little things that you might have missed initially, and this is when you think, 'Oh, I should have just trusted the process.

Be patient!

This is one of the biggest hurdles humans face when facing a problem, but it is also the quality that grounds us and helps us move forward. Accept that things do not change over time and that it takes many trials to succeed in reaching your goals.

Be patient!

There are various examples of scientists who fail but continue the trial-and-error method only to reach their goal on their thousandth attempt. Being patient is the backbone of trusting the process, and as you know, it takes time for a butterfly to bloom. 

Trust the timing of life

Whatever you believe spiritually, it is essential to have faith and rely on the fact that everything has its timeline and position in this universe. It is important to remember that everything works according to its ability and potential. 

When you learn to trust that with time, everything will fall into place; it helps to trust the process. You understand the value of different things and different levels. Everyone's journey is different, so do not compare your life curve with that of others. 

Live in the present

Last but not least, trusting the process means living in the present and continuing to search for joy in the journey to embrace life. Every step we take towards our end goal is progress and an opportunity to learn so that it can add to our personal story and experience. It is essential to live in the present so that you do not regret your journey when you have finally reached your rightful destination. 

Celebrating small wins and baby steps is the way to live in the present. You must realize that the future is unpredictable, and constantly worrying about it may diminish the beauty of your present. Moments like watching the cherry blossom petals fall can be enough for us to heal and learn to live in the moment. 

The don'ts of trusting the process

When you have decided to trust the process, there are some habits that you want to avoid if you want to avoid negativity. These include certain qualities and traits that all of us tend to overlook. 

Some of these include:

  • self-doubt
  • narrow mindedness
  • gossipping
  • comparing yourself with others
  • toxic competition
  • oversharing your plans.

The qualities mentioned above may hinder your steady process as it may slow you down or create self-doubt and hopelessness that may interfere with trusting the process. 

When you start comparing yourself with others, you start losing value for your achievements and need to remember to celebrate your progress. This, in turn, leads you to undermine your worth, and it may take you a step back on your journey.

The don'ts of trusting the process

Avoid oversharing your plans and goals with others since toxic people might surround you. Life is a competition, so you should save your best cards for the last so that no one can fool you or steal your hard work. 


We hope that by the end of this article, you have fully grasped what it means to trust the process. By reading our article, you will understand that this is a simple process that helps you move forward with life and come to terms with the challenges that we face daily.

It helps instill in you that life is unpredictable, so instead of complaining and worrying about changes you can not control, it is better to view the positivity and growth opportunities that come with the hurdle.

When you view life this way, you learn to embrace life's journey fully. It helps you try your level best to be confident enough to sip back a cocktail and cheer, "Trust the process!"

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