What Does “DI Not Available For This Package” Mean?


Written by Peter Keszegh

The world of digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and business ownership has its share of ups and downs. One of the ups of this journey is the moment you ship your products out to customers all over the world.

But sometimes, in the middle of this excitement, you run into a small problem—a message from the USPS tracking system that reads, "DI Not Available for This Package." 

This message is not exactly a cause for alarm, but you might be wondering—What does it mean? Is the package lost? Did something go wrong during the shipping process?

But this message, cryptic as it may seem, is often just a minor glitch or a temporary status that can be resolved with a bit of know-how and action.

Let’s look into what "DI Not Available for This Package" really means, why it might appear on your tracking updates, and how you can address it. We'll also explore ways to prevent similar issues from turning into bigger problems when running your business.

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What does “DI Not Available for This Package” mean?

The "DI Not Available for This Package" status is USPS's way of saying "Delivery Information Not Available." This notification can pop up for a variety of reasons.

Let's break down the most common scenarios:

  • Pre-shipment stage: The package label has been created, but the package hasn't yet been received by USPS. In other words, it hasn't been shipped yet.
  • Tracking system glitches: Sometimes the USPS tracking system will fail to update in real-time. Your package is moving, but the information online is lagging behind.
  • Non-trackable services: Some USPS services offer limited tracking or none at all, which is why you might receive the "DI Not Available" message.
  • Information overload: During peak shipping seasons, the great number of parcels can overwhelm the system, leading to delayed updates online.

What to do if you encounter this status

Receiving "DI Not Available for This Package" status can be a little scary, but with the right steps, you can quickly resolve this. Here's how:

Patience is a virtue

Give it some time. Often, the status updates within 24-48 hours as the package moves through the USPS network.

Verify the service

Confirm the shipping service used and its tracking capabilities. If it's a service with limited tracking, that might explain the "DI Not Available" status.

Contact USPS

If you've given it some time and the status hasn't changed, reaching out to USPS is the next step. Provide them with your tracking number and any important details about your package.

Here are some ways you can get in touch with USPS:

  • Online inquiry: The first step is to visit the USPS website and navigate to the "Help" section, where you can submit an inquiry or search the FAQs related to your issue. This is particularly useful for non-urgent matters or for gathering initial information.
  • Call the hotline: For more direct assistance, dial the USPS Customer Service hotline at 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777). This is best for urgent issues or when you need specific details about your package's status.
  • Visit your local Post Office: Visiting your local post office allows you to speak directly with postal workers who can clarify things with you, or bring the issue to their higher-ups as needed. Remember to bring your tracking information related to your shipment.

Explore insurance options

For valuable shipments, consider filing an insurance claim if the package appears to be lost. This can be done through the USPS website or at a local post office.

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Five takeaways for businesses

For entrepreneurs and business owners, the "DI Not Available for This Package" status is a reminder of how managing a business can be unpredictable.

Here's how to apply these lessons to overcome similar hurdles in your business:

1. Use more shipping options

Relying on a single shipping option for all your delivery needs can put your business operations on hold if your courier runs into issues. By using more shipping options, you won't have to pause your business completely when one of your courier experiences delivery issues.

For example: An online retailer, who notices there are delays with their main courier during peak seasons, decides to use regional carriers and courier services for certain locations. This means you won't rely on just a single courier, and it also offers customers faster, more reliable delivery options.

2. Improve customer service

Communication is your strongest tool. Improving your customer service strategy makes sure that your clients stay informed and feel supported throughout their purchasing journey.

For instance, a boutique makes sure customers are immediately notified of potential shipping delays, along with an estimated resolution time. They also offer alternatives, such as faster shipping at no extra cost when delays are expected, which improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Use technology for real-time updates

Technology can give your business an edge. Using shipping and tracking software that offers real-time updates can help you stay ahead of any issues, allowing you to quickly resolve problems like the "DI Not Available for This Package" status.

For example: a tech-savvy startup uses an advanced logistics platform flags packages that haven't been scanned within a given time, which allows the startup to resolve potential issues before customers even notice a delay.

4. Tell your customers about shipping realities

Informed customers are more understanding. Telling your customers about how shipping works, including issues like "DI Not Available for This Package," prepares them for what to expect and builds their trust in your brand.

An e-commerce platform can include a detailed FAQ section on their website, explaining various shipping statuses, what they mean, and how the company addresses them. They also provide this information in shipping confirmation emails, setting realistic expectations from the start.

5. Build a resilient supply chain

A resilient supply chain is very important for a business. Evaluating and strengthening every link in your supply chain—from procurement to delivery—ensures that your business can overcome issues smoothly.

Imagine a manufacturer that regularly checks their supply chain for any issues, identifying alternative suppliers and shipping routes. After experiencing repeated "DI Not Available for This Package" issues, they work with logistics experts to create a more flexible and responsive shipping strategy.

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Overcoming shipping problems to build a stronger business

Dealing with shipping issues is a big part of running a business today. When you face these kinds of problems head-on and figure out how to solve them with the help of USPS, you're doing more than just fixing a single issue. You're making your business stronger and more dependable.

Every time something goes wrong, it's actually a chance to make your business better. You get to improve how you do things, make your customers happier, and prepare your business to handle tough situations better in the future. It's all about learning from these challenges and finding new ways to do things better.

When you get a message like "DI Not Available for This Package," it's an opportunity to show your customers that you're on top of things. 

By reaching out to USPS in different ways—like calling their customer service, using their website, or visiting a post office—you're taking steps to solve the problem. Doing this shows your customers that you care about getting their packages to them safely and on time.

It's about thinking ahead and making sure your business can keep going strong, no matter what comes up. This means always looking for better ways to ship your products, keeping your customers in the loop, and making sure they know you're there to help if there's a problem.

In the end, dealing with shipping issues is part of growing a successful business. By tackling these problems, learning from them, and always trying to improve, you're setting your business up for success.

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