14 Powerful Nightbirde Quotes (Jane Marczewski)

Written by Peter Keszegh

Losing hope when you are battling cancer and given a 2% recovery chance is very understandable, and that too when your family leaves you. 

However, that was different with Jane Marczewski. 

Nightbirde's story is one of the most extraordinary and beautiful cases of positivity and strength while battling cancer that you can find in this world. It shows us what real courage is and the true meaning of ‘never giving up.’ Although she has left the world, her words still give hope to many people going through tough times.

Now, without wasting much time, let's get to the famous story of Nightbirde and some of her most powerful quotes, which can inspire you during tough times.

Nightbirde's background

If you are unaware of who Nightbirde was, then let me give a little intro about her.

Nightbird is the nickname given to Jane Marczewski. She was a famous singer and songwriter who appeared on the reality show ‘America’s Got Talent’ and presented an audition. 

Nightbirde Quotes

She was also a strong cancer survivor who was known for motivating people with her words. Her story was cherished by everyone. There is a long list of Nightbirde quotes that are known to push people towards positivity and strength. 

Nightbirde’s quotes give us a sense of strength and hope that teaches us about the depth and limits of the human spirit and resilience. 

Nightbirds's audition

Jane Marczewski first appeared in the ‘America’s Got Talent show on June 8, 2021, where she beautifully sang her song titled 'It’s Okay.’ She is famous for the name ‘Nightbirde’ since it was her stage name. One of the judges, Simon Cowell, was moved to tears by her performance and praised her talent by awarding her the Golden Buzzer.’

If a contestant is awarded the ‘Golden Buzzer,’ they would immediately move to the live show stage. During her audition, she shared her tragic story with everyone. She stated that she was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2020, where the chances of survival were extremely low. To add to this hardship, her marriage had also fallen apart after her diagnosis. 

Through her story, we learn that she was indeed dealing with an extremely tough phase of her life however the reason why she was so loved was because of the inspiring quotes that touched a million people’s hearts. She was known for being positive, strong, and wise. It is during these hard times we realize our true potential, so let us take a look at these heartwarming Nightbirde quotes in her honor. 

Famous Nightbirde’s quotes

14 Famous Nightbirde’s quotes

1. “You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore until you decide to be happy.”

This is one of the infamous Nightbirde quotes, and it must be fully appreciated. Just hearing these words brings tears to your eyes, and it makes you understand the depth of this statement. 

Life will always be difficult, but how we deal with it is up to us. Life will never go easy on us, and it is a fact that we should learn to accept. How we deal with the difficulties is something that we can control. It is all in our hands to choose happiness even when life is low. 

This quote shows us that we seize the moment and choose to live in the present. Life will never get easy, so instead of wasting time waiting for life to be enjoyable, learn to be happy even during these times. This will give you a sense of calmness and avoid any unrealistic expectations. 

It will also prevent you from regrets and phrases such as ‘I wish I had enjoyed life,’ when the time has run out. 

2. “Two percent chance of survival is not zero.”

This phrase may touch the heart of every cancer survivor. One of the most powerful tools humans have against any threat is hope. Without hope, there is nothing possible. 

Entire nations were freed because they simply believed in hope for eternity. Freedom fighters spend their whole lives in prison simply by a glimmer of hope. Hope is what drives us humans. 

This quote explains the exact importance of hope in our lives. Nowadays, technology and research are advancing every single day. Various cancer studies and treatments are being performed, and there are a lot of success stories. Keeping hope gives you the strength to fight against this battle, and remember that you never walk alone.

3. “… Don’t you want to see what happens if you don’t give up?”

If we look at this Nigthbirde quote in context, the entire quote is as follows:

“I believe in dreams, for all our lives that originated in the imagination of God… and just think about… Don’t you want to see what happens if you don’t give up? Don’t you want to see what happens? That’s what I keep saying to myself and what I say to everyone. Don’t you want to see what happens if you don’t give up?”

This Nightbirde quote is so heart-wrenching because it is so beautiful and true. The universe always has a plan for you. There is a reason why you are chosen for this trial and that you are on the right path.

This quote helps you feel confident about yourself and gives you the power to fight against the very thing you fear. It gives you a challenge; it tells you that by facing a certain problem, you will only come out stronger and better.

4. “I am much so more than the bad things that happened to me.”

This is an iconic Nightbirde quote that she said right before performing her audition. This resonates with a lot of people, especially cancer survivors, as it tells them that they are more than their problem.

We are all people with different qualities and beautiful traits. Reducing ourselves to our problem is not the way to go about things since we are worthy of so much more. We deserve to be known for our strengths and our personalities, our interests, and our opinions. Your problem should not overpower your existence. 

5. “Just because it’s a mystery doesn’t mean it’s the absence of meaning.”

This Nightbirde quote was in response to being asked about the “Why me?” voice in our head. Her response is beautifully worded with such wisdom and knowledge.

“ I try not to occupy myself with questions that are too big for myself to answer. It’s a waste of time.” 

“Just because it’s a mystery doesn’t mean it’s the absence of meaning.”

Sometimes the mystery means there’s more meaning than we can even understand, and so I accept that, and I let go of the questions because it’s too heavy.”

This mindset shows us that while there may be a lot of negative thoughts and hopeless questions you may have. However, at one point you should only think of them as simple wasteful questions. Not all questions get answered and just because they can’t be answered, it does not remove away any meaning from your life. 

6. “Just because someone leaves you doesn’t mean that love isn’t real.”

As mentioned before, her marriage had ended after her diagnosis, so this quote was, in a way, a thought she shared about her situation. Due to cancer diagnosis or other situations, it is possible that it affects the various relationships around you as well. 

People tend to distance themselves when they face someone who is going through a problem, and it may also start to affect them. Nightbirde’s quote is a new way of looking at negative things. 

Many people may leave your side in life, and they do. This does not change the fact that memories were created and that emotions were involved. These memories and emotions were real and nothing can change that it was not real. The love that they had in their heart will always last forever even if they are not beside you anymore. 

7. “I’m not denying the pain of today and not denying the hope of tomorrow.”

This is a very realistic approach to the battle she was facing. This connects with all the cancer survivors as well as people going through hardships. No one can deny that it is indeed painful.

It tells us that your negative experiences and feelings are rightfully valid, and you are not wrong for feeling them. At the same time, do not dwell on them for so long. Find relief in the fact that there is also another day to look forward to. 

Maybe tomorrow, you discover something your entire life purpose boils down to. You never know what the next day awaits, so hold on to that pain and use it to push yourself forward to see the sunrise of the next day.

8. “Am I going to become bitter, or am I not?”

This is a very important Nightbirde quote that helps you self-reflect and think about the question for a moment.

In an interview with CNN, she said the following lines:

“When you go through something so devastating… makes no sense… There are no answers; you have a choice. Like, ‘Am I going to become bitter, or am I not?’ You do have a choice, you know? You do get to decide what becomes of you in a sense.”

When we go through hardships, we face negativity and it is inevitable. We learn to see the ugly side of humans and we might even start projecting our negative thoughts and worries onto other people.

This nightbirde quote poses a question for us as well, that the choice is ours to make. Whether we choose to come out a better human and understand ourselves better is up to us. Staying bitter will only make you feel weighed down and stuck. 

9. “Some people can’t see God because they won’t look low enough.”

This was a Nightbirde quote written in one of her blogs where she drew hope from the spirituality of the Christians. It tells us that when you are at the bottom of your life, that is where you truly connect and meet God.

You learn to view things from a whole different perspective, and you choose to understand your purpose. When you reach a low point, you realize that maybe the purpose was to find God at this point and pray to him. 

Other Nightbirde quotes

  1. “There are a lot of people who want to hope for something in their life but are afraid to.”
  2. “It’s easy to put your identity in one thing.”
  3.  “When you’re faced with so many blows in the gut in a row like I have over the past several years, you find out what you’re made of, in a sense. And you’re allowed to choose what you become.”
  4. “The pain is too much to bear sometimes… it makes no sense at all. If we can hold onto a dream for the future, sometimes that’s all we need to get through.”
  5. “There’s so much beauty and poetry to be seen in the world if you are willing to sign off on the pain that it takes to stay awake in the middle of something that hurts so bad. That’s all this is… anybody can do it.”

The bottom line

Unfortunately, Nightbired parted her way after battling fiercely against cancer on February 19, 2022. She fought for four years with so much power and courage that she left millions of people around the world inspired and filled with bravery. Even if she is not among us, Nightbirde’s quotes will stay with us forever. 

We will carry her positivity with us in our hearts across time and space. We hope Nightbirde quotes are a constant support and motivator for you to face your daily fears and problems. Her legacy will continue to live on, and you can now Rest in Peace, Nightbirde. 

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