50+ Positive Affirmations For Moms And How To Use Them

Written by Peter Keszegh

One of the most unique experiences of life is motherhood. This is a feeling that makes you feel alive and strong. Being a mother makes you as strong as steel and boosts your determination to fight against the entire world for your children. 

Motherhood helps you combat all your troubles and learn to invest the right energy in your children's lives. There are different ways of managing motherhood; one such way is by constantly using positive affirmations.

A lot of the time mothers may feel insecure or doubtful about their parenting or role in their children's lives and it is these phrases that remind you to feel confident and worthy in your role as a mother. 

It is not easy to manage household chores, multiple children, and other activities so easily and it may get super challenging at times which is why in this article, we will explain the importance of using positive affirmations for mothers that you need to start using in your day-to-day life!

What are positive affirmations for moms?

Before using these phrases, it is very important to understand what exactly this term means. 

Have you ever had a dull day but you took a simple look at yourself in the mirror and let out the words ‘I am so proud of you.’ A simple phrase like this can instantly make your dull day multiple shades brighter and you start feeling happy and cherished. This is the magic of positive affirmations that you can use as a mom. 

Positive Affirmations For Moms

Positive affirmations are any positive statement that uplifts your mood and gets rid of anxious or negative thoughts. There are many other affirmations that you can use among yourselves to help understand that you value your efforts, bond, and your company. 

Often at times, we may feel all of these things but we are not able to process them and this is where positive affirmations come into play!

By normalizing the use of positive affirmations you can slowly start by complimenting your smaller qualities and move on to greater qualities slowly. After all, we all love being valued and appreciated for our efforts in motherhood. 

Why use positive affirmations for moms? 

Now that you know what positive affirmations are, it is now time to understand why we use them. 

Generally, positive affirmations are a good way of affirming yourself in the parenting that you are responsible for. It helps you to rebuild confidence, connections, and positivity among yourselves. 

Positive affirmations are a form of give-and-take act as both of them have their benefits.

Here’s why you should give positive affirmations:

Deepens the bond

By understanding the positive qualities of yourself, you can learn to work on them better and it also makes you feel appreciated. It lets us know about our positive qualities and increases positive feelings about us. It is what makes us confident about our choices and opinions regarding our children. 

Trust and communication

These two are the most important traits for having a strong long-lasting motherhood experience. By giving yourself positive affirmations you re-instill trust in yourself as there is a sense of understanding and honesty. 

By being honest in our affirmations, we can communicate and open up about our true feelings so it also reminds us of things that are left unsaid.

Trust is extremely important in any relationship and it should be earned. This trust can be earned by giving positive affirmations to yourself or having your partner do the job for you. When you trust each other you tell each other qualities that you appreciate in each other honestly. 

Celebration of positive energy

By showering yourself with constant positive affirmations, you are essentially creating a positive energy around your motherhood and celebrating each other. This helps you to recognize your unique qualities and traits. By celebrating, you are cherishing the precious relationship. 

Boost of self-esteem

When you constantly reaffirm your good qualities and compliment yourself with positive affirmations, it boosts your self-confidence and helps you to explore the qualities you knew you had. 

Get rid of bad habits

It is extremely important that in the course of motherhood, you can accept that you might have flaws and you need to be ready to change that and get rid of bad habits as they may now affect your children. You must learn to be responsible for your children's sake.

Reduce stress and goal-oriented

Positive affirmations for moms help to maintain the level of inner respect we have for ourselves. It reminds us of why our children are  so important in our lives and that in times of trouble, they are the first people we think of

black mom

By using positive affirmations you are helping yourself to empower each other by ensuring a sense of equality among everyone.

State of well-being

This is one of the biggest advantages of positive affirmations. It helps your state of mental and emotional well-being.

Sometimes like humans, we have different styles, ideas, and opinions which may cause misunderstandings or differences with other people in our lives. This may lead to hopelessness or constant doubt in ourselves not addressed properly however by frequently using positive affirmations, it helps you stay focused on your duty and lets you know that despite there being differences, we are still cheering for ourselves and want the best for us.

This can make you feel at ease since you can confront more easily and try to solve any problems in your friendships with mutual respect.

When to use positive affirmations for moms?

We use positive affirmations for moms when we are lost or unsure of our feelings. Positive affirmations help to build your confidence and be honest about your feelings. It allows you to work on yourself, your faults, and your positivity and make room for improvements if needed.

Sometimes we all want good for ourselves but we do not express and let the negative thoughts float. This can be bad for building long-term and meaningful relationships, l so when you decide to use positive affirmations, you are in a way confronting your faults positively. You are setting a healthy environment where your setbacks can be celebrated and understood.

If you feel your motherhood experience has lost the spark or you feel that something is lacking and you seem to be stuck at the same spot, it is high time for you to start using positive affirmations. This will automatically brighten your mood and spread happiness among everyone. 

You can start by using them early in the morning before you start your day to get yourself hyped for the day and make the day interesting.

Also, remember to use them when addressing a challenging task such as when your children are not eating properly. Take deep breaths and repeat phrases such as ‘You got this.’ 

How to use positive affirmations for moms?

Now that you know the backbone of positive affirmations, the main challenge is to know how to use them in your daily life. 

You can start positive affirmations by accepting and acknowledging your negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are a normal part of being human. However, it is up to you to channel these negative thoughts and convert them into something more meaningful and positive.

For example, you find yourself often saying ‘I am horrible at being a mother.” Instead of repeating such phrases, normalize the use of positive phrases like ‘you are wonderful at being a mom.’

Positive affirmations are generally used in a way that increases gratitude and positivity in yourself. 

Depending on the different qualities that you need or want to improve, we will give you examples of different positive affirmations to use for moms. It also matters what quality you want to affirm in yourself, whether you want to reassure yourself or to encourage yourself. 

50+ Positive affirmations for moms

These are examples of general positive affirmations that you could use as moms. They usually include valuing yourself and letting you know how you feel about certain things. 


“I am so happy you got this far”

“You are so powerful.”

“You are such a ray of sunshine.”

“You are your children's backbone.”

“You are a source of positivity.”

“I am so resilient”

“I can conquer any hurdle.”

“ I can learn so much from myself.”

“ I am worthy of love.”

“ I deserve to be seen and heard.”

“I will be a great mother.”

“It is okay to make mistakes.”

“I am becoming a better mother every day that goes by.”

Positive affirmations for mom's strength

These affirmations will help to encourage yourself if you are going through tough times and it will help you to feel motivated. These positive affirmations can be a dire need when no one else is expressing their emotions or troubles with you. 

Once you hear such words it will help you to be stronger and it will boost your confidence as well:

“I admire your passion and hard work.”

“Your resilience is one of a kind.”

“Never give up because I believe in you.”

“Believe in yourself and what you do.”

“You never walk alone.”

“Whatever you do, you'll always be a great mom.”

“Your strength and passion inspire me to be better.”

“ I am so proud of your achievements.”

“You are unstoppable! Never let anyone tell you otherwise.”

“You have exactly what it takes to be a great mother.”

“You have the power to be however great you want to be.”

“Times may be tough but I know you will get through it as you always do.”

“I grow stronger each day.”

“I can solve any hurdle that comes my way.”

Positive affirmations for mom’s self-esteem

This includes positive affirmations that can be used to uplift your self-esteem and inspire you to love yourself for the work that you have done so far. 


Self-love is an extremely important aspect for mothers as they have gone through an immense change physically, emotionally, and mentally after motherhood. This is why it is extremely important to remind yourself why you are worthy of love. 

Here are some examples:

“You matter in this world.”

“I am my child's best support.”

“I shall love myself so that I can take care of my children.”

“I am exactly what my children need.”

“You are beautiful just the way you are.”

“No one else could have done it better.”

“Each day I make a difference in my children's lives.”

Positive affirmations for mom's relaxation

Whenever you feel that you are being too hard on yourself and that you need to relax to feel better, the following are the positive affirmations for moms that you should be telling yourself. 

“I shall take this one step at a time.”

“You know you'll be fine.”

“It is okay to take a break.”

“If you need help, just ask.”

“You need to take a deep breath and focus on the present.” 

“Everything happens for a reason.”

“You are on the right track.”


Now that you have understood the concept of positive affirmations, we hope that you can start using them frequently in your daily lives. This will help you to strengthen your bond with children and understand each other on a deeper level. 

It will bring positivity into your life and you will be able to communicate with yourself and your children better.

These positive affirmations will be the foundation for many more relationships that you build across your way. We hope that you will start using them effectively and also refer to our article as a guide to other people who want to try the same.

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