Positive Affirmations For Friends That You Need To Read

Written by Peter Keszegh

One of the best gifts of life is friendships that make you feel alive. Having friends just boosts your mind and helps you relax and forget all your troubles. There are different ways of maintaining friendships and one such way is by constantly using positive affirmations.

These phrases help you feel bonded and valued in your friendships so they can have an immense effect on creating lifelong friendships. 

In this article, we will explain the importance of using positive affirmations for your friends that you need to read and start using in your day-to-day life!

What are positive affirmations for friends?

Before using these phrases, it is very important to understand what exactly this term means. Have you ever had a dull day but your friend is beside you and lets out the words ‘I am blessed to have you as a friend.’ 

positive affirmations for friends

A simple phrase like this can instantly make your dull day multiple shades brighter and you start feeling happy and cherished. This is the magic of positive affirmations that you can use for friends. 

Positive affirmations are any positive statement that uplifts your mood and gets rid of anxious or negative thoughts

There are many other affirmations that you can use among your friends to help them understand that you value their efforts, their bond, and their company. Often at times, we may feel all of these things but we are not able to communicate it to the other person and this is where positive affirmations come into play!

By normalizing the use of positive affirmations you can slowly start by complimenting smaller gestures and move on to greater qualities of the person. After all, we all love being valued and appreciated for our efforts in relationships. 

Why use positive affirmations for friends? 

Now that you know what positive affirmations are, it is time to understand why we use them. Generally, positive affirmations are a good way of affirming your friends and yourself in the friendship that you share. 

It helps rebuild trust, connections, and positivity among yourselves. Positive affirmations are a form of give-and-take act as both of them have their benefits.

Here’s why you should give positive affirmations:

Deepens the bond

By understanding the positive qualities of each other, we can learn to work on them better and it also makes you feel appreciated. It lets us know about our positive qualities and increases positive feelings about each other. It is what makes normal friendships evolve into long-lasting friendships. 

Trust and communication

These two are the most important traits for having a strong long-lasting relationship. By giving each other positive affirmations we re-instill trust in the friendship as there is a sense of mutual understanding and honesty. 

By being honest in our affirmations, we can communicate and open up about our true feelings so it also improves communication and reminds us of things that are left unsaid. Trust is extremely important in any friendship and it should be earned. 

This trust can be earned by giving positive affirmations to each other because you tell each other qualities that you appreciate in each other honestly. 

Celebration of positive energy

By showering each other with constant positive affirmations, you are essentially creating a positive energy around your friendship and celebrating each other. This helps you to recognize each other’s unique qualities and traits. 


By celebrating, you are cherishing the precious relationship. 

Boost of self-esteem

When friends compliment and give each other positive affirmations, it boosts our self-confidence and helps us to explore the qualities we knew we had. 

Build healthy boundaries

In any relationship, it is very important to help build boundaries as it helps you set certain limits that you need for your personal space. When you set healthy boundaries, it prevents toxic friendships and negative feelings of resentment. 

By positive affirmations, you can set healthy boundaries and allow your friendship to flourish. 

Mutual respect and care

Positive affirmations for friends help to maintain the level of mutual respect that we have for each other. It reminds us of why the other person is so important in our lives and that in times of need, they are the first person we think of. 

They help to empower each other by ensuring a sense of equality among everyone. 

State of well-being

This is one of the biggest advantages of positive affirmations. It helps your state of mental and emotional well-being. Sometimes like humans, we have different styles, ideas, and opinions which may cause misunderstandings or differences. 

This may lead to distance if not addressed properly however by frequently using positive affirmations, it helps you stay focused on your friendships and lets you know that despite there being differences, our friends are still cheering for us and want the best for us. 

friends together

This can make you feel at ease since you can confront more easily and try to solve any problems in your friendships with mutual respect.

When to use positive affirmations for friends?

We use positive affirmations for friends when we are lost or unsure of our feelings. Positive affirmations help to build your confidence and be honest about your feelings. It allows you to work on your friendships and make room for improvements if needed. 

Sometimes everyone wants good for each other, but we do not communicate and let the complaints float. 

This can be bad for long-term and meaningful friendships so when you decide to use positive affirmations, you are in a way confronting your friends positively. You are setting a healthy environment where your friendship can be celebrated and understood.

If you feel your friendship has lost the spark or you feel that something is lacking and you guys seem to be stuck at the same spot, it is high time for you to start using positive affirmations. 

This will automatically brighten everyone's mood and spread happiness among each other.

How to use positive affirmations for friends?

Now that you know the backbone of positive affirmations, the main challenge is to know how to use them in your daily life. We share different levels of friendships with everyone, for example, some people are our work friends, business friends, and close friends, while others are our new friends or long-distance friends.

We also have a set of very few intimate best friends who have been with us at different stages of our lives. 

Positive affirmations are generally used in a way that increases gratitude and positivity in your friendship. Depending on the friendship level, we will give you examples of different positive affirmations to use for friends. 

It also matters what quality you want to affirm in the friendship, whether you want to reassure them or to encourage them. 

To understand this better, we will break this down for you accordingly.

Here are some statements for general positive affirmations


These are examples of general positive affirmations that you could use with your friends. They usually include valuing the other person and letting them know how you feel about them.

“I am so happy to have you in my life”

“You make life happier.”

“You are such a ray of sunshine.”

“Your friendship is my backbone.”

“You are a source of positivity.”

“I love the times we spent laughing together.”

“Our friendship makes me believe we can conquer any hurdle.”

“ I have learned so much from you.”

“ You are my comfort zone.”

“ You help me feel seen and heard.”

“I can be myself around you.”

“I look forward to many more happy moments with you.”

“Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.”

Positive affirmations to motivate your friends

These affirmations will help to encourage your friends if they are going through tough times and help them to feel motivated. 

These positive affirmations can be a dire need to a friend who might not be expressing their emotions or troubles with you, once they hear such words it will help them to be stronger and it will boost their confidence as well.

“I admire your passion and hard work.”

“Your resilience is one of a kind.”

“Never give up because I believe in you.”

“Believe in yourself and what you do.”

“You never walk alone, I am right beside you.”

“You are so nice to me. It is time for you to be that person for yourself.”

“If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, I am right here.”

“Whatever you do, I’m always here to support you.”

“Your strength and passion inspire me to be better.”

“ I am so proud of your achievements.”

“You are unstoppable! Never let anyone tell you otherwise.”

“You have exactly what it takes to achieve your dreams.”

“You have the power to be however great you want to be.”

“Times may be tough but I know you will get through it as you always do.”

Positive affirmations for long-term friendships

Long-term friendships are one of the most precious friendships one can form. They usually bloom from school life where people have known each other for several years. This means that they grew up and went through the same phases together. 

When you hear positive affirmations from long-term friends, it brings a sense of peace and pride in each other since it feels like there is always someone cheering on you. You might not be together anymore but through social media and the digital world, you can always offer some positivity in their lives. 

friends happy

Ultimately these are the friendships that matter most to you so you want to make sure the words you say to them are from the bottom of your heart.

“You and I have stood the test against time.”

“No amount of hurdles can break us.”

“I cherish your friendship that has stayed with me for years.”

“You have been with me through all my stages in life.”

“You know me best.”

“I believe in our history of shared experiences.”

“You are like my family.”

“I love you unconditionally in every way.”

“I love that you invest so much time and energy in us.”

“Our long-term friendship has given me so much trust and support.”

“Our resilience is in the ups and downs of life.”

Positive affirmations for new friendships being formed

We all meet new people in different stages of our life and change is not always bad. Meeting new people also means making new friends and generally new friends are formed when they have the same mindset and approach to life. 

You might share similar interests and opinions which makes you excited about learning different things about them. 

Here are some positive affirmations that you can use:

“I am curious to see where this goes.”

“I love meeting new people and making friends.”

“I trust the process of meeting new people and becoming friends.”

“Here’s to fun memories we will create from now on.”

“I love how open you are to making new friends.”

“I admire how easygoing you are.”

“I hope we can bring value into each other’s lives.”

“I like meeting people with the same mindset.”

“Your interests align so perfectly with mine.”

Positive affirmations for yourself 

These positive affirmations are the ones that you say to yourself or remind yourself that you are indeed worthy of good friendship and you deserve the respect and love that comes with friendship

These are the statements that you say to yourself in the mirror or the ones you would like to receive from the other end.

“You are an incredible friend and I am glad to have you in my life.”

“Thank you for bringing so much positivity into my life.”

“You deserve every bit of success, happiness, and love in your life.”

“I would have never made it without you.”

“You matter so much. Never forget that.”

“You make life worth living.”

“You are such a source of positivity in my life.”

“You deserve my friendship in every universe.”

“You make the world a better place.”

“I feel comforted by your endless support.”

Positive affirmations for your best friends

Here we are! Best friends are people that we connect with in every way possible. Despite differences, you understand each other and you learn to evolve with them in multiple ways.

One moment you could be partying all night and the next moment you could be sharing your deepest darkest secret with them. Best friends just get you and here is how you should help them feel valued:

“You are my family.”

“Your friendship is a gift that I will always treasure.”

“I can always count on you.”

“If all else fails, at least I have you by my side.”

“I trust you with my life.”

“You restore my faith in humanity.”

“I am so grateful to have a best friend like you in my life.”

“Every moment with you is special.”

How to use positive affirmations for friends in daily life?

It is rather easy to use positive affirmations daily. All you have to do is be honest and appreciative of the people around you. 

Here are some tips to get started:

Have the right intentions


The first step is to have the right intentions before affirming your friends. Remember that this is a genuine feeling and it should be sincere and honest. Avoid joking and teasing when you are being serious about the affirmations.

Include daily life activities

Make sure to remember to use positive affirmations in little daily life activities such as your friend finishing an assignment or your friend successfully baking a cake. You could celebrate by cheering them on with their activities such as “Nobody does this better than you!”

Be regular 

It is important to be regular and constant with your positive affirmations. Do not wait for special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays, instead celebrate your friends daily. If communication is not possible daily, simple text messages will do the job!

Action speaks louder than words

Once you have normalized using positive affirmations for friends, it is up to you to make it sound believable by following with actions that confirm the words you say. For example, you could do different acts of service to reassure the words you said. 

If you stated “Thanks for always being by my side.” you could throw a mini party or buy your friend their favorite meal to thank them through actions.


Now that you have understood the concept of positive affirmations, we hope that you can start using them frequently in your daily lives. This will help you to strengthen your friendships and understand each other on a deeper level. 

It will bring positivity into your life and you will be able to communicate with your friends better. These positive affirmations will be the foundation for many more friendships and relationships that you build across your way. 

We hope that you will start using them effectively and also refer to our article as a guide to other people who want to try the same.

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