100+ Funny Business Names That Will Make You Laugh


Written by Peter Keszegh

Did you know that if you want your business to get popular, you must be smart with brand marketing? 

Brand marketing usually includes strategies that help your business gain attention so that more customers get attracted to it and ultimately help your business bloom.

One clever way to get brand popularity is by using funny business names that will make the audience laugh. 

A lot of businesses use catchy and witty phrases from popular entertainment media or just hilarious in general so that the customers can remember the brand name at the tip of their tongues. 

This is why it is advised to think carefully before deciding on the final name for your business. Let us look at some of the funny business names that will surely make you laugh.

How do you come up with funny business names?

To come up with clever and funny business names, you need to be creative, trendy, and think outside the box. Make sure that you have a creative team working along with you when you are deciding the brand name. There are certain things to keep in mind so that you have a funny business name.

100+ Funny Business Names

Firstly, make sure to be clear about what your business's main theme is. Now try relating that theme with a famous movie, show, or character. You could also try using puns and wordplay to make it sound interesting. 

Here are some tips to come up with funny business names:

Make sure the name is short and crisp

The brand name must be short and simple to attract attention. Longer names will be tiring on the tongue and people will most likely forget it if it is long.

The business name should be relevant

Make sure that your business name is relevant to the main purpose of your business. For example, if you name your business ‘Godfather’ but it is a laundry business, it will make zero sense and people will barely pay attention.

Use puns

Puns are an extremely interactive and engaging way of making a funny business name.

Use word plays

Word plays like ‘Thaitanic’ and ‘Phobulous’ are great examples of attracting customers to restaurants in such a way that they remember it easily and have quick recall while thinking of places to visit. 

Get reviews

Ask the customers and your creative team, your close friends, and your family to review the business name that you came up with.

Their ideas and thoughts will give you an outsider’s perspective and it will help you to modify or correct any possible errors or mistakes.

Make sure it is appropriate

When searching for a fun business name, make it a point to avoid any offensive or ill-meaning terms that could offend or hurt the sentiments of any community or customers. This would greatly affect the customers that would approach the business.

How do you register funny business names?

Once you have decided on a novel, creative, catchy, and fun business name, it is now time to move on to getting your business approved for registering.

Here are the steps that you can follow:

Do a background check

This point means that to register your business name, make sure that you have checked everywhere else so that there is no other name matching yours.

There should be no plagiarism and your funny business name should not violate any existing trademarks or patents. You can do this by doing a trademark search on the internet. 

Decide your business structure

Once you have chosen and finalized your cool business name idea, it is now time to choose the business structure. For small businesses, the structures usually include corporations, LLCs, and partnerships.

Submit your paperwork

Once you have chosen the business structure for the funny business name, you must file and submit the required paperwork to your state government. Only when it is approved can you move to the next step.

Get your employer identification number (EIN)

This is a unique nine-digit number assigned to the business which can be used to open a business account. This will later be used when you have to file taxes and manage funds based on your business earnings.

Go for a business license

Once all the steps above are done, you will need a business license to operate depending on different locations in your city. The rules for getting a business license vary in countries and even state to state in the same country. 

Now that we have understood the basic process of how to adopt a funny business name, it is time to look at the various lists of funny business names so that you can also get an idea of how different businesses use humor and puns to create their funny business names.  

Funny business names list

Bread Pitt

This is a funny business name as it references the popular actor Brad Pitt. It is a clever way of selling bakery and related items.

Frying Nemo

I think we are all familiar with the movie Finding Nemo!  In this movie, the baby fish, Nemo, is lost and his father tries to find his son. In reality, the business name is for a restaurant that serves fish as their main course to attract customers. What a clever and funny business name it is!

The Codfather

This is another hilarious name relating food to a movie. Here the cod replaces the God in ‘Godfather’ and lets the customers know that it might be a seafood restaurant. 

The Codfather


This name again relates the Thai food ‘Pho’ with the word ‘fabulous’ by using wordplay to attract customers. 

Pita pan

The famous movie Peter Pan! We can see this example being used here to gather the customers' attention. Pita is bread used for making sandwiches and wraps, so by using a little word play we can alter the Peter and replace it with Pita easily. 

Sew it seams

People will find this business name extremely funny. Here the term ‘so it seems’ is changed so smartly to ‘sew it seems’ to indicate a sewing shop or business.

This change is witty and the customers can easily recall this name at the tip of their tongue. This also means that they are most likely to call this business up first. 

Thai titanic

Oh, the famous Titanic ship that sank! Here again, the funny business name lies in the fact that ‘Thai’ food is very popular and the Thai term is placed into the word in such a way that it can be used as a pun.

Instagram funny business names

Instagram is a huge platform for various small businesses to operate. Nowadays so many businesses are based on Instagram alone and they have found great success on this app. Instagram is highly interactive and by making your page attractive and aesthetic, it can gain a lot of followers.

A lot of Instagram accounts use funny business names to attract customers so let us have a look at some of them:

  1. WhimsicalWorld
  2. HilariousHaven
  3. JokeJunction
  4. QuipQuest
  5. FunnyFiesta
  6. SmileSnaps
  7. LaughLand
  8. WittyWonders
  9. GiggleGrams
  10. ComicCentral
  11. HahaHighlights
  12. ChuckleCharm
  13. WitWhiz
  14. QuirkyQuips
  15. LaughLounge
  16. HilarityHub
  17. GigglesGalore
  18. JokeGenius
  19. QuirkItUp
  20. FunnyFrames
  21. WhimsyWinks
  22. HahaHappens
  23. PunnyPix
  24. LaughLine
  25. ComedyClique
  26. WittyWhispers
  27. GiggleGrid
  28. QuipQuarters
  29. ChuckleChic
  30. HilariousHighlights
  31. JokeJive
  32. QuirkQuarters
  33. SmileSquad
  34. LaughLeagues
  35. FunnyFlicks
  36. WitfulWhirl
  37. QuirkyQuest
  38. GiggleGallery
  39. HahaHighlights
  40. PunsAndPics
  41. ChuckleChums
  42. ComicCanvas
  43. WhimsicalWorld
  44. QuipQuorum
  45. LaughLab
  46. HilarityHive
  47. WittyWhims
  48. GigglesGalore
  49. JokeJumble
  50. Kirksville
  51. FunnyFramers
  52. SnickerShots

Cleaning industry funny business names

Cleaning companies are always in high demand due to their cleaning services and convenience. Since this business is booming, to have a stronghold of customers, the marketing should be just as strong. This includes having funny business names that stay in the customer's mind. 

Cleaning industry funny business names

Some of the funny cleaning business names are given below:

  1. Dust Busters Cleaning Co.
  2. Squeaky Clean Solutions
  3. The Spotless Squad
  4. Scrub-a-Dub Cleaning Company
  5. Mop Stars Cleaning Crew
  6. Wipe Out Cleaning Services
  7. The Gleam Team
  8. Pristine Pals Cleaning Agency
  9. Broom and Giggles Cleaning Services
  10. Grime Fighters Cleaning Crew
  11. The Dust Devils
  12. Clean Sweepers
  13. Bubble Trouble Cleaning Company
  14. Sparkle and Shine Cleaning Services
  15. The Dusty Divas
  16. Meticulous Maids
  17. The Tidy Titans
  18. Witty and Wiped Cleaning Crew
  19. The Clean Machines
  20. Dazzle and Dust Cleaning Services
  21. Dust or Bust Cleaning Company
  22. The Polish Pros
  23. Sweep Dreams Cleaning Services
  24. The Squeegee Squad
  25. Maid in Hilarity Cleaning Agency
  26. The Neat Freaks
  27. Happy Helpers Cleaning Services
  28. The Dirt Demolishers
  29. Clean and Mean Cleaning Crew
  30. Mop ‘n’ Pop Cleaning Company
  31. The Shine Sisters
  32. Spick and Span Cleaning Services
  33. The Dust Munchers
  34. Bubbly Broomsticks Cleaning Crew
  35. The Grime Terminators
  36. The Spot Seekers
  37. The Dust Whisperers
  38. Scrubby Dubby Cleaning Company
  39. The Gleeful Cleaners
  40. Tidy Titans Cleaning Services
  41. The Witty Wipers
  42. The Dusty Dazzlers
  43. Masterful Maids
  44. The Shiny Stars
  45. Broomstick Brigade Cleaning Crew
  46. The Clean Genies
  47. Sparkling Solutions Cleaning Services
  48. Dustbusters R Us
  49. The Tidy Tornadoes
  50. Witty Wipeout Cleaning Company
  51. Gleam Guardians Cleaning Services
  52. The Dust Defenders
  53. Scrub Squad
  54. Spickety-Span Cleaning Services
  55. The Grime Guardians
  56. Sweep and Giggles Cleaning Company
  57. Scrub Hub Cleaning Services
  58. The Tidy Troopers
  59. Dapper Dusters Cleaning Crew
  60. Mop and Giggle Cleaning Services
  61. The Spotless Specialists
  62. Dust Be Gone Cleaning Company
  63. The Gleeful Gurus
  64. Pristine Pros Cleaning Services
  65. Shine and Chuckle Cleaning Crew
  66. The Meticulous Mob
  67. Bubble Blast Cleaning Services

Clothes industry funny business names

If you have a clothing business such as a t-shirt business, or a blazer business, then this is the right place for you to look for witty names. Having a brand that is recognized easily and quickly, especially in the clothes industry is a huge achievement in itself since it is harder to stand out in this field.

Clothes industry funny business names

Here are some funny clothing business name ideas:

  1. Tee-Hee Tees
  2. Punny Prints
  3. The Snarky Shirt Co.
  4. Laugh Out Loud Tees
  5. Quirky Couture
  6. Witty Wearables
  7. The Funny Fabric
  8. Chuckle Shirts
  9. Cheeky Chic Tees
  10. Tee-riffic Tales
  11. Wit and Whimsy Wear
  12. Jokes on Jerseys
  13. Snappy Shirt Shop
  14. Clever Cotton
  15. Comic Clothing Co.
  16. Silly Slogans
  17. Wacky Wardrobe
  18. Quip Couture
  19. Laughing Attire
  20. Amusing Apparel
  21. Wit Factory
  22. Smirk Styles
  23. Tee-sical Tees
  24. Haha Haberdashery
  25. Chuckle and Charm
  26. Jolly Jersey Junction
  27. Funny Fabrication
  28. Quirky Threads
  29. Grin Garments
  30. Hilarious Hangers
  31. Tee-tastic Tales
  32. Witty Wardrobe
  33. Comic Couture
  34. Clever Clothing Co.
  35. Giggly Garments
  36. Silly Styles
  37. Joke Junction
  38. Laugh Lab
  39. Whimsical Wardrobe
  40. Quirk Quarters
  41. Chuckle Chic
  42. Punny Prints and More
  43. Witful Wear
  44. Giggle Gear
  45. Tee of Glee
  46. Haha Haven
  47. Smirk Shop
  48. Laugh Loom
  49. Comic Closet
  50. Amusement Apparel
  51. Wit Weavers
  52. Silly Selections
  53. Joke-a-Rama
  54. Quirky Quips
  55. Grin Gear
  56. Clever Closet
  57. Giggles Galore
  58. Hilarity Hub
  59. Tee-time Tales
  60. Whimsy Wearables
  61. Wit Whiz
  62. Snarky Shirts
  63. Chuckle Charmers
  64. Quip Quarters
  65. Silly Stitches
  66. Jocular Jersey
  67. Whimsical Weaves
  68. Comical Collection
  69. Wit and Whistle
  70. Laugh Lounge
  71. Snicker Snaps
  72. Clever Clothiers
  73. Giggly Gallery
  74. Hilarious Hangout
  75. Tee Tales
  76. Quirked-up Clothing

Other funny business names 

  1. Thorassik park
  2. Fresh visitable juice
  3. Hidenburger
  4. Passmore gas and propane
  5. Tequila Mockingbird
  6. STD contractors
  7. Just falafs
  8. Iron maiden
  9. God is Great services
  10. Shack of sitting
  11. Lord of the rinse
  12. Lord of the Wings
  13. Planet of the grapes
  14. Punny Paws Pet Grooming
  15. Curl Up and Dye Hair Salon
  16. Brew-Ha-Ha Coffee Shop
  17. Wok This Way Chinese Restaurant
  18. Buns of Steel Bakery
  19. Squeaky Clean Laundromat
  20. Donut Stop Believin’ Donut Shop
  21. The Codfather Fish and Chips
  22. The Punderful Bookstore
  23. The Funky Chicken Dance Studio
  24. Bedrock Burgers and Steaks
  25. The Rolling Scones Bakery
  26. Fry Hard French Fries
  27. Cereal Killer Breakfast Cafe
  28. The Daily Grind Coffee Roastery
  29. Sherlock Bones Dog Detective Agency
  30. The Mane Event Hair Salon
  31. Soda-licious Soda Shop
  32. A-Maize-ing Corn Maze
  33. Nailed It! Nail Salon
  34. Toastbusters Toasted Sandwiches
  35. Pawsitively Purrfect Pet Sitting
  36. The Hot Dog Stand-Up Comedy Club
  37. Ye Olde Mustache Emporium
  38. Batter Up Pancake House
  39. Shaken, Not Stirred Martini Bar
  40. Snip ‘n’ Sip Hair Salon and Wine Bar
  41. The Bagel Circus
  42. Whisk Me Away Bakery
  43. Flippin’ Good Burgers
  44. Quirk E. Boutique
  45. Sip ‘n’ Slurp Soup Kitchen
  46. The Spud Muffin Baked Potato Bar
  47. From Hair to Eternity Salon
  48. Doughnut Worry, Be Happy Bakery
  49. The Waffle House of Mirrors
  50. Bootyful Boot Camp Fitness Center
  51. That’s How I Roll Sushi Bar
  52. The Codfathers Fish Market
  53. The Whisk Takers Baking Co.
  54. Curl Up and Dye Salon
  55. Brew-tiful Coffee Company
  56. Pawsome Adventures Dog Walking
  57. The Pickle Barrel Deli
  58. The Frying Dutchman Pancake House
  59. Who Gives a Scrap Recycling Center
  60. Bagelicious Bagel Shop
  61. Muffin Top Gym and Bakery
  62. The Giggling Grizzly Pub
  63. Pasta La Vista Italian Restaurant
  64. The Drunken Donkey Bar and Grill
  65. Chick Magnet Chicken Farm
  66. The Punny Bone Comedy Club
  67. The Whisker Away Cat Cafe
  68. Hairway to Heaven Salon
  69. The Grate Escape Cheese Shop
  70. Slice Slice Baby Pizza Parlor
  71. The Bread Crumb Art Gallery
  72. The Mug Shot Coffee House
  73. Snickerdoodle Sweets Bakery
  74. The Hare and Tortilla Mexican Restaurant
  75. Tickle My Ribs BBQ Joint
  76. The Happy Tummy Diner
  77. Braid and Breakfast Hair Salon
  78. Cup o’ Noodle Soup Kitchen
  79. The Coop de Ville Chicken Coop
  80. Butter Me Up Pancake House
  81. Sip Happens Wine Bar
  82. Flea Bag Boutique
Other funny business names


We hope that our article has helped in making you understand the concept and purpose of having a funny business name. 

This is very important nowadays when the world is filled with new ideas and inventions and through social media everything can be turned viral and become a sensation.

A lot of times the restaurants gained customers by their names going viral on the internet and this can be a sign for you to name your business smartly. 

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